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John and I are voracious readers - a book-a-day is not uncommon for us. We have a huge book collection - sci fi, romance, mystery, fiction, history, etc. I am starting to pare it down [so far, nearly 500 books have been donated to our local branch of the Harris County Public Library (UPDATE: no longer donating as the library no longer adds these books to its collection and instead gives them to the friends group to sell) and nearly 500 sold to Half Price Books - and I've barely made a dent in the shelves].

Connor is reading very well - he especially loves Scooby Doo books! Sionna loves to be the listening audience - her favorite book right now is still Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

We buy a lot of books, usually at Barnes & Noble (we just received the renewal notice - we saved $226 with our discount last year! Well worth the $25 cost of the discount card). To save a little money, though, I borrow many books from the library instead of spending at the bookstore. Of course, if I really like a book and want to read it over and over, I'll end up buying it anyway!

Some of you may be interested in my logs of borrowed fiction and nonfiction books, or in Connor's log of borrowed books and Sionna's log of borrowed books.

A future link for this page will be to the inventory of our collection.

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