Sionna is 4 years old. As typical for her age, she hates to go to sleep (she just might miss out on something important, ya know?). Her favorite person (besides Mama) is her Papa Joe.

John and I have been asked about our choice of names. Truthfully, John had no input in this name.

"Sionna Grace" has been in my head since I was about 15 (so long ago ;). I loved the rhythm and melody of the name.

Sionna is a variation of Irish (Gaelic) for Shannon. We pronounce "Sionna" like "Shah-nuh". I don't know how the Irish pronounce it.

Grace comes from my grandmother, Grace Varine Clements Irwin.

Thus, Sionna Grace White was born.

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Latest Statistics

Sionna is just about 3 and 1/2 feet tall and weighs about 45 pounds. She's off the growth charts for height (over 100%, just like her Bubba) and in the 75% area for weight. She's running all the time - and getting into everything!

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