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Dinosaurs issue, Boys' Quest, v.12 n.6, April/May 2007.

Go Fish! issue, Boys' Quest, v.13 n.1, June/July 2007.

Bakker, Dr. Robert T. Dactyls! dragons of the air.

Camper, Cathy. Bugs before time: prehistoric insects and their relatives.

Johnson, Jinny. Dino wars

Kudlinski, Kathleen V. Boy, were we wrong about dinosaurs!

Lessem, Don. Armored dinosaurs.

Lessem, Don. Flying giants of dinosaur time.

Schomp, Virginia. Ornithomimus and other speedy "ostrich dinosaurs".

Schomp, Virginia. Therizinosaurus and other colossal-clawed plant-eaters.

Skrepnick, Michael W. Diplodocus: gigantic long-necked dinosaur.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the sleeping dog.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the two spies.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown finds the clues.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown gets his man..

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown keeps the peace.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown lends a hand.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown shows the way.

Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown tracks them down.


Most Amazing Dinosaur Songs [compact disc].

Arnosky, Jim. Beachcombing: exploring the seashore.

Bajaj, Varsha. How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?

Bulloch, Ivan. Gardening.

Cooper, Elisha. Ice Cream.

Cooper, Elisha. Magic Thinks Big.

Davis, Jim. Garfield weighs in.

Davis, Kenneth C. Don't Know Much About Dinosaurs.

Elliott, David. Hazel Nutt, Alien Hunter.

Garrett, Ann and Higney, Gene-Michael. Fins and Flippers, Scales and Nippers.

Godfrey, Neale S. Neale S. Godfrey's Ultimate Kids' Money Book.

Hess, Debra. The Fourth of July.

Holmes, Thom and Holmes, Laurie. Feathered Dinosaurs: the origin of birds.

Ketteman, Helen. Armadilly Chili.

Ketteman, Helen. Bubba the Cowboy Prince: a fractured Texas tale.

Ketteman, Helen. Luck with Potatoes.

Khanduri, Kamini. Polar Wildlife. (Usborne World Wildlife)

Leaf, Munro. Manners Can Be Fun.

Lindsay, William. Tyrannosaurus.

Llamas, Andreu. Sponges: filters of the sea.

Maestro, Betsy. The Story of Clocks and Calendars: marking a millennium.

McGillian, Jamie Kyle. The Kid's Money Book: earning, saving, spending, investing, donating.

Miller, Debbie S. A Woolly Mammoth Journey.

Murdoch, David Hamilton. Cowboy: discover the real-life world of working cowboys -- how they live on the trails, care for their horses, and work the range. (DK Eyewitness Books)

Murray, Stuart. Wild West: discover the saga of the American West -- from the adventures of Lewis and Clark to the massacre at Wounded Knee. (DK Eyewitness Books)

Newman, Jeff. Reginald.

Parsons, Alexandra. Amazing spiders. (DK Eyewitness Juniors No. 4)

Ross, Kathy. Star-Spangled Crafts.

Roy, Ron. The Bald Bandit.

Schulz, Kathy. I Need a Little Help.

Wallace, Karen. I Am a Tyrannosaurus.

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

Williams, Judith. Discovering Dinosaurs With A Fossil Hunter. (I Like Science!)

Wood, Jakki. Animal Hullabaloo: a wildlife noisy book.

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